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A list of PointCentral error messages and codes that may appear and the potential solutions to help Point and PDS System Administrators repair the problem.

article 0262 Error when performing full synchronization after updating to PointCentral 8.0
  8-8-2006    Views: 4372   
article 0265 Error: Code -37. The file you have requested is currently in use or reserved by ( )
  8-9-2006    Views: 5087   
article 0497 Error Code -12 or -13...Point Data Server cannot retrieve parameters from the database
  6-4-2013    Views: 7821   
article 0604 Error: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with remote server.
  6-24-2008    Views: 8208   
article 0605 Error: Code -38 The loan you have requested is currently not accessible.
  6-25-2008    Views: 6514   
article 0612 Error: Underlying connection was closed...Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream
  8-4-2008    Views: 5642   
article 0613 Error: Point Administrator MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close
  7-30-2008    Views: 4827   
article 0614 Error: The time on the PDS server is more than 24 hours...
  7-30-2008    Views: 3126   
article 0624 Error: Underlying Connection was closed... The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure
  10-9-2008    Views: 7881   
article 0641 Error: Point could not connect to Point Data Server...Response is not well-formed XML...WSE XOP parts were located in the stream...
  5-19-2009    Views: 6860   
article 0666 Error: Restore failed for Server... Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use
  10-15-2009    Views: 7160   
article 0680 Error: Reading File, it may be corrupt. User's Folder Settings are not your Point System Administrator.
  6-14-2011    Views: 3612   
article 0719 PDS Error Code - A list of PointCentral Error Codes
  1-28-2011    Views: 29107   
article 0720 PDS Error Code -1: One or more requested Point fields are not currently supported by the Point Data Server...
  2-23-2011    Views: 10045   
article 0721 PDS Error Code -3: The maximum allowed number of tasks per list has been reached...
  3-8-2011    Views: 3167   
article 0722 PDS Error Code -4: The maximum allowed number of loans per list has been reached...
  3-8-2011    Views: 3523   
article 0723 PDS Error Code -5: The maximum number of Cardex records per list has been reached..
  3-8-2011    Views: 5533   
article 0724 PDS Error Code -11: Client internal error. Invalid condition in request
  3-8-2011    Views: 4914   
article 0742 Error: File not found. No user folder settings have been specified...
  5-28-2011    Views: 3405   
article 0756 Error: HTTP 500.19 - Internal Server Error. The requested page cannot be accessed...
  3-1-2012    Views: 2677   
article 0819 Error: PointCentral server is not properly licensed and unable to log you in...
  10-10-2012    Views: 4385   
article 0820 Error: Fatal Error in PointCentral 8.0 on Windows Server 2003
  10-10-2012    Views: 2183   
article 0821 Error: ServiceStack.ServiceClient.Web.WebServiceException: Not Found--->, when logging into Point
  10-10-2012    Views: 4423   
article 0823 Error: Could not retrieve list from database. PDS Error Code -20
  10-15-2012    Views: 4899   
article 0855 PDS Error Code - 105: Representative Name Mismatch. You are only allowed to save your own files...
  8-7-2013    Views: 2968   
article 0861 Error: Point could not connect to Point Data Server...Unable to generate a temporary class
  9-5-2013    Views: 2837   
article 0863 Error: Point could not connect to Point Data Server...Bad IL Range
  9-13-2013    Views: 2526   
article 0864 Error: Point could not connect to Point Data Server...Unable to connect to remote server
  9-30-2013    Views: 5982   
article 0880 Error: Point could not connect to Point Data Server...Configuration system failed to initalize, hexadecimal value 0X00
  3-31-2014    Views: 1987   
article 0911 Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset= UTF-8; …..[Genius Box] Response Header parsing failed
  2-10-2015    Views: 2963   

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