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Point Version 8.1 Release Notes


New Features
  • Enhanced functionality connects credit vendor interfaces with Calyx Mobile to accommodate credit requests through mobile apps
  • Recalibrated calculations in USDA fee fields so the USDA fees populate correctly through the loan file and on printed forms for USDA loans
  • Modified Mortgage Insurance calculations to properly reflect on the Truth-In-Lending screen for first and second mortgages
  • Updated the Fees Worksheet, block 7, with dollar amounts that auto-populate the Credit Disability field on the Truth-In-Lending screen
  • Corrected the behavior of FHA loan files that have credit reference numbers during submission to Freddie Mac
  • Corrected the Credit calculation on the Fees Worksheet, block 2
  • Corrected the days per year calculation when the "Days/Year" field is changed on the Fees Worksheet, block 10
Services and Interfaces
  • Updated the FHA Total Scorecard Interface to include an editable field for Casefile ID that will enable users to import reports into a new Point file using an existing Scorecard Casefile ID
  • Added credit rank percent data to Closing Docs and Web interfaces
  • Added NMI as a new mortgage insurance company to Fannie Mae Interface
  • Corrected the behavior of "Purpose of Refinance" dropdown list when imported
  • Corrected the import/export behavior of the Previously Occupied checkbox on the FHA/VA Addendum
  • Modified the Freddie Mac LP interface to correct "negative cash out" status when imported
General Updates
  • Removed the Investment button and moved the Investment Information dialog box fields to the Loan Summary section on the Borrower Information screen
  • Corrected the labels in eLoanFile > Property screen for appraisal/valuation fields
  • Corrected the monthly payment calculation when loan purpose is selected or changed within the Loan Summary section of the Borrower Information screen
  • Modified the Autofile naming function to work properly when WebCaster loans are imported into Point
  • Improved the appearance of the PFC check boxes in the Fees Worksheet, block 2
  • Consolidated the Mortgage Insurance buttons
  • Updated display of branch details when Branch is selected on the Track>Branch/Team screen
  • Updated Copy of Borrower button to display when submitting to DO/DU
  • Corrected Cardex export to custom ASCII
  • Updated the Loan Status and Underwriter fields in the Banker > Underwriting screen so they refresh properly after a decision is selected

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