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2351 Locating a loan file after generating the HMDA (2017) report


For information on generating the HMDA 2017 report, refer to knowledge base article 1414 Generating the HMDA (2017) report.

To locate a loan file after generating the HMDA (2017) report:

  1. Take note of the Application No. column associated with the file you want to locate.
  2. Note: The first column in the generated HMDA (2017) report​ results will match with the file name for each loan file.

  3. From the left navigation panel, select the Loans tab.
  4. Select the Data Folder the report was generated from.
  5. Choose Prospect or Borrower.
  6. Use the Search By dropdown to select File Name.
  7. Select Begins With from the next dropdown.
  8. Enter the Application No. from the report results in the search field.
  9. Click Search.

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