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4005 Setting the WebCaster Preferences

WebCaster/INK-it/Point integration

The WebCaster Preferences inside of Point are what enables your WebCaster features to integrate with your Point software, enabling you to accept Online Loan Applications, send/retrieve requested documents, and send/retrieve eSignature packages.

Note: The WebCaster Preferences must be set for each Point user utilizing any WebCaster features.

To set the WebCaster Preferences:

  1. Open Point.
  2. Select Utilities > WebCaster Preferences from the main menu.

  3. The WebCaster Preferences dialog box will open.

  4. Fill out the WebCaster Administration Login Information section.

  5. The Administrator E-Mail, Web Site # and Web Site Address fields use the same credentials as the WebCaster Administration site.

  6. Enter your Loan Status Password in the Loan Status Update/Document Send/Retrieve section.

  7. If you do not know your Loan Status Password, contact your WebCaster Administrator. If you are the WebCaster Administrator and need to set or reset the Loan Application and Loan Status Password refer to knowledgebase article 4200 Resetting the WebCaster Loan Application and Loan Status Password.

  8. In the Loan Application Login section enter your Loan Application E-Mail and Loan Application Password.

  9. Verify with your WebCaster Administrator what information to enter in these fields based on the selected routing options.

  10. Select the Notify when application is received at website check box to enable the Check for loan applications every minutes dropdown.

  11. Use this dropdown to select how often you would like Point to check for any submitted applications. The options range from 15-120 minutes, in 15 minute increments.

  12. Use the Loan Application Download Instructions section to set application destination folder, naming options, and preferred file type to save as.

  13. Click OK.

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