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6488 If loan purpose is refinance, property valuation method required warning

Error Messages


The message 3045 If Loan Purpose Type equals Refi, then property valuation Method type is required and must be a valid enumeration is displayed when submitting a UCD XML file through the Fannie Mae UCD portal.


A valuation method was not selected on the Shipping screen.


Specify a valuation method on the Shipping screen.

  1. Open the loan associated with the UCD XML that caused the error.
  2. Select Banker > Shipping from the main menu.

  3. ​​

  4. Scroll down to the Property section.

  5. ​​

  6. Select a valuation from the Valuation Type dropdown list.
  7. Save the loan.
  8. Add the Closing Disclosure to the document repository.
  9. Refer to knowledge base article 5800 Preparing a loan for UCD export for information about adding the Closing Disclosure to the document repository.

  10. Export the data to UCD XML.
  11. Refer to knowledge base article 5500 Exporting data to UCD XML for instructions to export the data to a UCD XML file.

  12. Submit the UCD XML file to the GSE.

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