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1002 Installing Microsoft .NET Framework


To install Microsoft .NET Framework:

  1. Determine the version you need to support your Point or PointCentral application.

  2. Point PointCentral .NET Framework
    Version 10.0 SP1 n/a 4.7.2, or later
    10.0 n/a 4.6.2, or later
    9.9 n/a 4.6.2, or later
    9.8 9.8 4.6.2, or later
    n/a 9.5 4.6.2, or later

  3. Select the applicable .NET Framework link for the version you need.
  4. Follow the instructions for the download.

Note: Users with Windows 10 operating systems should install the latest Windows update to ensure they have the current .NET Framework version. Users with earlier operating systems should use the applicable .NET Framework link to install the appropriate version.

Recommendation: To ensure optimum performance, we recommend you update to the required .NET version before you update Point. Be sure to allow sufficient time as the .NET update process can take as long as 20 minutes, or more, to complete.

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