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6004 Reinstalling the Calyx Document Converter

Common System Tasks

 Follow these steps to update or reinstall the Calyx Document Converter. 

  1. Navigate to your Local Disk (C:) and open the Winpoint folder.
  2.  Right-click the PDFInstall.exe file and select Run as administrator.
  3.  Open the Control Panel when the installation is complete. 
  4.  Double-click View Devices & Printers or Printers & Faxes, depending on your operating system. 
  5.  Right-click the Calyx Document Converter and select Printer Properties.


    The Calyx Document Converter Properties dialog box is displayed.



  6.  Select the Ports tab.

  8. Click Add Port.



  9. Select Local Port and click New Port.



  10. Enter CLX in the Port Name dialog box and click OK. 



    Note: If a message is displayed that the CLX port already exist, click OK and select the CLX check box in the Ports tab.



  11. Click the Advanced tab.


  13. Select Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster radio button.

  15. Verify all checkboxes are clear.


  17. Select Print directly to the printer radio button.

  19. Select the Security tab.

  21. Click Add to open the Select Users, Computers or Groups dialog box.


  22. Click Locations. 


  23. Select the local computer name. (It should be the first item on the list.)
  24. Click OK to return to the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box.


  25. Click Advanced. 


  26. Click Find Now.

  27. In the Search Results section at the bottom of the dialog box, locate and double-click Users.



  28. Click OK and return to the Calyx Document Converter Properties dialog box.


  30. Select Users in the Group or user names section and select the Print, Manage this printerand Manage documents check boxes in the Allow column.
  31. Apply the same selections for all users and groups in the Group or user names section.
  32. Click OK.

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