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2009 Entering Homeowners' Association (HOA) dues

Loan Application

To enter homeowner association dues:

  1. Go to the Expenses section on the Borrower Information screen.
  2. Enter the monthly amount of the association dues in the HO Assoc field.

  3. This entry will also populate the Monthly Housing Expenses section on page 2 of the Loan Application.

  4. To populate the Fees Worksheet and the Loan Estimate, open the Fees Worksheet and go to Section G. Initial Escrow Payment at Closing.
  5. Complete the Paid To, Company Name, and the Amount in the Homeowners’ Assoc. Dues fields. Leave the number of months field blank.

  6. The HOA dues are included in the Projected Payments section on the Loan Estimate.

  7. To include the Homeowners’ Association Dues in the escrow account, enter the number of months to be escrowed and select the Escrowed check box.

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