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2102 Completing the Loan Estimate

Loan Estimate

To complete the Loan Estimate

  1. Open a prospect or borrower file.
  2. Open the Loan Estimate from the Forms menu or the shortcut toolbar.

  3. Enter or edit the Application Date and Date Issued.
  4. Enter or edit the Estimated First Payment Date.
  5. Select the Purpose from the dropdown list.
  6. Edit the remaining data as needed.
  7. The Loan ID will populate from the Lender Case No. field on page 1 of the Loan Application when the Company Information default is set to Lender.

  8. Enter the number of days of the Rate Lock Period.
  9. Enter or edit the Lock Expires Date and Time and specify the Time Zone.
  10. Enter or edit the Cost Expires Date and Time and specify the Time Zone.
  11. Note: If the Intent to Proceed date is entered on the Fees Worksheet the Closing Costs Expiration will not print.

  12. Scroll to the Calculating Cash to Close section.

  13. Select the applicable checkbox to specify whether to disclose the loan by using the Standard form or the Alternative form.
  14. Note: Standard Form is the default selection.

  15. Scroll to the Other Considerations section.

    1. Select the applicable Assumptions check box to indicate whether the loan is assumable if the property is transferred.
    2. Enter or edit the Late Payment data and select the payment type from the dropdown list.
    3. Select the applicable Servicing checkbox.
  16. Scroll to the Confirm Receipt section and select the Confirm Receipt checkbox to include a signature line on the printed form.

  17. If the checkbox is not selected, a line for the borrower's signature is not included on the printed form.

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