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6303 Printer not activated error

Error Messages


The Printer not activated error (code -20, -30, -40) occurs when you generate a .PDF or custom form.


  • Antivirus scripts are blocking Point from generating the document.
  • You do not have appropriate permissions to use the Calyx Document Converter.
  • A PDF application is installed that is causing a conflict with the Calyx Document Converter.


  • Update to a more current Point version to install the latest Amyuni PDF Converter.
  • Remove Amyuni driver versions.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Calyx Document Converter.

Updating to a more current Point version

Refer to knowledge base article 1003 Updating Point for instructions.

Removing Amyuni driver versions

If updating Point did not resolve the issue, it could be because the Calyx Document Converter was not able to update the driver.

The Calyx Document Converter is installed with Point and is used to convert Point and custom forms to PDF and for storing documents in Point.

Refer to knowledge base article 6005 Deleting all Amyuni driver versions for instructions.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Calyx Document Converter

If the previous solutions do not solve the issue, you need to remove the Calyx Document Converter and do a fresh install.

Refer to knowledge base article 6004 Reinstalling the Calyx Document Converter for instructions.

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