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1003 Updating Point


Important: You must install the full Microsoft .NET Framework package compatible with your Point version before completing the update. See knowledge base article 1002 Installing Microsoft .NET Framework for Point and .NET Framework compatibility information.

Before you install the Point update, your MyCalyx Administrator must deploy the new version.

To deploy a new Point version:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click Manage Point Installations.
  3. To deploy Point to a single user:
    1. Double-click the row of the user to update.

    2. Select the version to deploy from the Version dropdown list.
    3. Click the disk icon to save.
  4. To deploy Point to multiple users at one time:
    1. Select the check box next to each user that requires an update.

    2. Select the version to deploy from the Version dropdown list at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Click Apply Version.

To update Point after a new version is deployed:

  1. Close Point if it is open and re-launch it.
  2. You are automatically prompted to download the update.

  3. Click OK to proceed.

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