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4003 Downloading Online Loan Applications

WebCaster/INK-it/Point integration

WebCaster Administrators, refer to knowledge base article 4201 Configuring WebCaster to download online applications to enable this feature.

The WebCaster Preferences must be set for each Point user utilizing this WebCaster feature.

Note: Setting WebCaster Preferences requires confidential information from the WebCaster Administrator.

Refer to knowledge base article 4005 Setting the WebCaster Preferences before continuing.

Downloading Online Loan Applications

Once you have your WebCaster Preferences configured, you will be able to download loan applications that were submitted from your website.

  1. Open Point.
  2. Click the Online Loan Applications button from the left navigation panel.

  3. Note: If you click the Online Loan Applications button before you configured your WebCaster Perferences, you will be prompted for login information. Contact your WebCaster Administrator for this information.

  4. When there is an application available for download, the Online Applications window will open.

  5. Select the applications to import.
  6. Use the Destination Folder dropdown to choose the data folder the file is to be saved in.
  7. Select your Naming Option.
  8. Select the File Type.
  9. Click Import.

  10. Note: Once the file(s) import, a dialog box will open showing the files that were copied.

  11. Close the Import window.

  12. You can now search for the imported file(s).

    Note: To view the submitted data navigate to File > Print Preview and select the desired pages of the Loan Application to preview.

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