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6750 Configure Norton or Mcafee Firewall to work with Point

Common System Tasks

To allow Point from Norton Internet Security or Personal Firewall:

  1. Open Norton or Norton Internet Security.
  2. Click Personal Firewall.
  3. Click Configure located at the bottom right.
  4. Click the Programs tab.
  5. Look for the WINPOINT or Point Application, and set it to Allow or Permit.

Allowing Point from McAfee Security Center or McAfee.

  1. Open McAfee.
  2. Click Personal Firewall.
  3. Click Internet Applications.
  4. Look for the WINPOINT or Point Application and set it to Allow or Permit.

Disable the firewall

  1. Open the firewall software that is installed on your computer.
  2. Click Personal Firewall, Firewall, or Internet Security.
  3. Click Disable or Turn off. (You can also disable the firewall by right-clicking the firewall or antivirus icon on the Windows Task bar, and then selecting Exit, Close, or Disable. )

You can also try to disable the Windows firewall by opening the Windows Control Panel and open the Firewall settings to disable it.

Some programs look for the executable file to be allowed, the Point application would need this allowed: C:\winpoint\winpoint.exe.

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