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6602 Help links display the same parameters for all files



When you click a help link, such as the Bottom Ratio help link on the Borrower Information screen, the parameters for income and debt are the same for all files.


The user does not have full permissions to the Docs folder located within the Winpoint directory.


Assign full control permissions to the Winpoint directory

  1. Exit Point.
  2. Go to My Computer.
  3. Double-click Local Disk C:.
  4. Right-click the Winpoint folder and select Properties.
  5. From the Properties Window, click the Security tab.
  6. From the Security tab, highlight the users group or add the user to the group.
  7. Click the Full Control checkbox under the Allow column and then click OK.
  8. Open Point and check the help link.

Note: You may need to contact your network administrator to assign permissions for you to the Winpoint directory.

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