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6627 Months for prepaid items are automatically recalculated



The months for prepaid items in section 9 of the Fees Worksheet are re-calculated when you print the Aggregate Escrow Account Disclosure.


There are invalid entries in the Escrow Account setup screen.

If the Escrow Account Setup screen is not configured for any specific loan file, the monthly reserves may recalculate if the Aggregate Adjustment lock box is not checked.


By checking the lock box under the Aggregate Adjustment button in section 9 of the Fees Worksheet any amount of months that you manually input into the prepaid items are retained when printing the Escrow Account Disclosure.

You must check the lock box under the Aggregate Adjustment button in section 9, if you do not want Point to automatically recalulate the prepaid items.

However, if you prefer for Point to automatically calculate the months for prepaid items for you, click here for instructions on using the Escrow Account Setup screen.

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