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0762 Adding and using document categories and types


Default lists for both categories and types are provided by default. You can add new categories and types and edit existing categories and types.

  • Document categories are used in the Document Management facility to identify the category of a document.
  • Document types are used in the Document Management facility to further identify the document within the category.

Adding document categories and types

  1. From the menu bar, select Utilities > Company Defaults > Document Categories/Types.
  2. ​​

  3. From the Document Categories dialog box, click Add or Edit.
  4. ​​

  5. From the Document Types dialog box, enter the Category Name. (Ex. Income.)
  6. ​​

  7. You can add or edit document types that fall under the category by clicking the Add or Edit buttons. (Ex. IRS W2, Pay Stub, Tax Return, etc...)
  8. Enter a Type Name and click OK.
  9. Click OK when finished.


Using document categories and types

The document categories and types can be accessed from the Document Management window, when adding or editing a document. The category and type are automatically defaulted when you add a document from the Point forms menu.

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