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1300 Adding and using document categories and types

Doc Management

Document categories and types are applied to documents in Document Management when you add a document. When Point forms are added as separate documents (the Store as one file check box is not selected), the category and type are automatically populated based on the Point form.

Point forms that are added as one file (the Store as one file check box is selected) require that the category and type be specified for the document.

You must specify a document type for all non-Point documents.

To specify a document type and category:

  1. When the Document Information Preview dialog box is displayed while adding a document to the repository, select the Category and Type from the dropdown lists.

  2.   ​

  3. Click Add to add the document to the repository.

To change the document type, double-click the document in the Document Management dialog box to access the Document Information Preview dialog box.

For more information about Document Management, document categories, and document types, refer to the following knowledge base articles:

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