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6367 Unsupported operation error

Error Messages


The Attempted an unsupported operation error occurs when you open Point.


The tab32x30.ocx file, which is required to successfully launch Point, is missing.


Register the tab32x30.ocx file.

  1. Close Point.
  2. Open a Windows command prompt as an administrator.
  3. Enter the commands that apply to your operating system type, pressing <Enter> after each entry.
  4. 32-bit operating system

    64-bit operating system

    • cd\
    • cd windows
    • cd system32
    • regsvr32 tab32x30.ocx
    • cd\
    • cd windows
    • cd syswow64
    • regsvr32 tab32x30.ocx


    The commands for the 64-bit operating system are shown in the following example.

    The following message will display when the tab32x30.ocx file is successfully registered.

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